Review: Grab-n-Go Breakfast at The Wedge

I’ve been balls-crazy about The Wedge since they opened. Wood-fired pizzas with some innovative — for Oklahoma, at least — combinations and ingredients. The anti-pasto platter. The atmosphere.

IMG_3748As The Wedge has grown to include another location, it has also grown new menus. Brunch is a delight, with egg-covered pizzas and mimosas and delicious cinnamon rolls. But if you catch me there any more, it’s almost always during the week, bright and early, getting my breakfast for the day.

Grab-n-Go Breakfast at The Wedge is a revelation. $5 isn’t as cheap as a bowl of cereal at home, I guess, but The Wedge is so much more exciting. Every day, chef Jeff Longstreth gets up early and makes some “Cowboy Quiche” and a variety of vegetarian and not-so-vegetarian wraps. There’s usually yogurt and fruit. Sometimes there are toasts, topped with a rotating cast of tasty characters.


And then…The Meat Horn.

A breakfast calzone? Don’t mine if I do. Toss in a cup of coffee and charge $5 on a the nose and you’ve got me. The food is wonderful. The price is wonderful. The fact that I can literally get in and out in a couple of minutes and have a really filling, enjoyable breakfast at my desk at work without being late is absolutely the best.

Part of the enjoyment, though, comes from seeing Jeff and Elena. They’re like a young old married couple who aren’t romantically involved at all but they make breakfast and you eat it. At least that’s how I see things, but I’m mentally unbalanced.

Obviously the meat horn is my number one jam. When I *don’t* get it, Jeff gives me a funny look and begins to worry about my health. But what else should you get? I’m glad you asked.


I think Quiche is one of the best things man ever invented, right after the game “The Settlers of Catan” and penicillin. And while The Wedge’s Cowboy Quiche isn’t quite like what you’ll find at a French restaurant (a creamy egg custard that nearly melts in your mouth), their version is quite satisfying. It’s savory egg pie. Douse the top with Rooster Sauce if you’re a little suicidal in the mornings.

The egg wraps are good, but they don’t fill me up quite as much as I’d like. For your smaller folks, that’s perfect. For big fat guys like me, it seems like I’m going to need at least two to make it to lunch.

BUT! The flavors are spot on. Again, a little Sriracha sauce will liven up the proceedings. And the soy-sage version is fine, if you’re not into meat. But I am into meat, so I’ll just stick with the delicious regular sausage, thanks.

The yogurt? Ehn…if you’re on a diet, or you like a sweeter breakfast, that’s fine. I ask for mine without bananas, though, because bananas make my throat itch and my eyes water and OH GOD I’M TELLING YOU HOW TO KILL ME FORGET THIS EVER HAPPENED.

The toasts are not always there, but if you want a big, thick slice of bread with some tasty toppings, you’re gonna be all right.

I love the coffee at The Wedge, but I will — on rare occasions — allow myself to be swayed by the Elena’s fresh carrot juice. It’s really good. I swear.

Be on the lookout for a Q&A with Jeff Longstreth in the near future.

The Wedge Pizzeria (4709 N. Western in Oklahoma City) serves Grab-n-Go breakfast Monday through Friday from 7 to 10 a.m. Find them online at

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